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Mobile mixer with filter type MF-L 40 is a modern and advanced device designed for production of collagen. It is used to filtrate collagen together with mixing and disposal of washings, enabling to separate liquid from solids.

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Filtration mixer features:
  • mobile mixer, equipped with 4 wheels made of polyamide

  • vacuum proof vessel

  • internal and external surfaces polished to mirror making cleaning easier

  • propeller stirrer or single-arm with downforce adjustable scraper, enabling to scrape the product away from sieve
  • infinitely variable adjustment of stirrer rotational speed
  • lid lifting mechanism with electric linear actuator, installed inside a guide bar, making possible of moving the lid aside after it has been lifted vertically
  • revolving sieve which can be turn by 90o
  • CIP cleaning system with two rotational shower heads

  • sight-glass with illumination for process inside the vessel observation

  • sterile aeration filter

  • touch panel 3,5” for machine functions controlling