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The maintenance of product quality plays an important role in modern manufacturing. To serve this purpose we would like to introduce you to MZUTL 30 homogenizing mixer. This machine is designed especially for preparing and implementing new recipes in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The URLINSKI company has designed and begun manufacturing homogenizing mixers of six capacities. This has resulted in the construction of series of types with capacities from 5 to 3000 liters following scaling-up procedures in accordance with FDA requirements.

The construction of the machine, which ensures main work parameters scaling (such as: basics of the vessel construction and homogenizer work together with the anchor type mixing agitator – identical range of linear velocity – and work in by-pass circulation) allows transfer of the production procedure from laboratory to industrial scale according to scaling-up procedure.

Small amount of raw materials needed lowers the cost of designing and preparing new recipes, while possibility to equip the mixer with additional equipment offers the technologists an easy way to introduce new products.


We offer the homogenizing mixer with following options:
  • the vessel in accordance with the GMP requirements
  • surface is polished to Ra≤0,5 µm
  • surfaces in contact with product is made of AISI 316L/316Ti steel
  • the vessel is adjusted to work under vacuum and in overpressure conditions
  • heating jacket for liquid or gas-form agents
  • insulating jacket
  • in order to secure the optimal thermal exchange of the mixed products and a lack of mixing “dead zones”, the anchor type mixing agitator is equipped with Teflon scrapers for inner walls of the mixer
  • mixing agitator and wave breakers are equipped with directing mixing blades and together with infinitely variable regulation of the mixing agitator’s rotations secure intensive and efficient mixing of the product in vertical and horizontal directions
  • power of the drives is adjusted to the product type
  • high efficiency homogenizing agitator of the URLINSKI company with linear velocity up to 28 m/s secures intensive homogenization process in by-pass circulation
  • as an option, additional short by-pass circulation for securing processes with small amounts of product or high foaming products
  • CIP spray-balls with rotating spray-balls system together with the use of the homogenizing agitator as a pump for circulation of washing media secure fast washing after process
  • numerous combinations of the technological stub pipes makes feeding the components easier for the technologists, for example: introducing the liquids directly over the homogenizing agitator, feeding the powder under the product surface or introducing the material into the stream of product in by-pass circulation
  • control from the operational panel with possibility of automation and visualization of the process
  • archiving data on electronic data carriers or the on-line printing
  • validation documents for IQ/OQ including SAT and training
  • as an option, adjusting the machine to work in EEx zone in accordance with ATEX requirements