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Mobile mixers type MM-ZUT 10/30/50 CCF are modern and advanced process laboratory devices designer for manufacturing of liquid pharmaceutical products of medium viscosity in aseptic conditions. Thanks to diaphragm valves and magnetic stirrer it is possible to isolate the whole process from the environment. Full automation enables setting of all procedures and performing them in repetitive way.

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Characteristic features of process laboratory mixer in aseptic production:

  • infinitely variable adjustment of magnetic stirrer rotations
  • infinitely variable temperature adjustment of product and jacket – in circuit of liquid utilities in order to avoid thermal decomposition of sensitive components
  • the possibility of direct heating by steam and cooling by chilled water to accelerate the heat exchange and improve the production capacity of the mixer
  • vessel pressure value control
  • the possibility of introducing an inert gas under pressure
  • device adjusted to sterilization process – with Fo algorithm
  • the ability of sampling during the process – with steam sterilized valve sterilized in SIP
  • defining and setting of paths of valves for the process as well as for cleaning CIP is possible thanks to pneumatic actuators on the valves
  • process valves equipped with opening and closing sensors enable full control of process and cleaning procedures
  • visualization of process valves position
  • built-in product sensors with possibility of automatic correction (e.g. pH, oxygen, conductivity)
  • calibration of process parameters readout
  • login (four level access to control: operator, technologist, service, supervisor) with an indelible record of events that are relevant for determining the range of responsibility
  • compact, mobile device design for easy transportation and providing a comfortable and ergonomic operation
  • technical documentation: FS (Functional Specification), DS (Design Specification) and FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests)
  • validation documentation IQ/OQ available on request