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Mobile, pressure, fully automatic homogenizing mixer is a first-class process device, designed for liquid pharmaceutical products manufacturing, especially high viscosity in hygienic conditions. Such device was used in suppositories with amino acid production – including amino acid particles micronization.

By using a program to create the recipes, user can define and program any formula. High quality components and accurate manufacturing of the device ensure full process repeatability. Thanks to an internally consistent structure of the whole series of our homogenizing mixers (up to 5000 L – in accordance with scale-up rules) there is possibility to increase the rate of production process very quickly – optimized in 10-liters device.

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Homogenizing mixers type MZUTL enable running the technological process in strictly controlled conditions:
  • device manufactured in accordance with cGMP rules, subassemblies with required certificates (FDA, A3)
  • infinitely variable adjustment of anchor stirrer rotational speed up to 2,5 m/s, equipped with directing blades (baffles) and two-ways acting scrapers
  • infinitely variable adjustment of 4-row comb-shaped homogenizer rotational speed up to 30 m/s
  • homogenizer ensures homogenous product, and opening or closing each valve on the by-pass pipe and CIP installation, causes homogenizer functions:
    – filling the vessel with raw materials
    – homogenization in by-pass
    – emptying the vessel of finished product
    – cleaning the vessel and all elements in contact with the product
  • pneumatic cover lifting system
  • infinitely variable adjustment of temperature, not only of the product but also the jacket
  • vessel pressure value control including autonomous vacuum pump
  • the possibility of introducing an inert gas under pressure
  • possibility to equip the mixer with lance for powders feeding to avoid dusting
  • device adjusted for sterilization with algorithm Fo
  • ability of sampling during process
  • control in accordance with GAMP
  • defining and setting of path of valves for the process and cleaning CIP is possible thanks to use of valves with pneumatic actuators
  • process valves equipped with opening and closing sensors enable the full control of proces and cleaning procedures
  • process valves status visualization
  • preview of the process parameters on the graph – as a function of time
  • built-in product sensor-analyzers with the possibility of automatic correction (e.g. pH, oxygen content, conduction)
  • calibration of process parameters readout
  • login (four levels access: operator, technologist, service, supervisor) with an indelible record of events that are relevant for determining the range of responsibility
  • technical documentation: FS (Functional Specification), DS (Design Specification) and FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests)
  • validation documentation IQ/OQ available on request