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Mixer type MZUTL 15 CC is the first-class homogenizing machine designed for production of wide range of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Thanks to small work capacity, it can be used in R&D departments for new technologies creation. Construction in accordance with FDA „scale-up” rules enables transferring the process procedure to the industrial scale.

Equipment of the mixer with 15” touch panel, advanced operator system and high class of sensors enable the control over all parameters and archiving on the SD card (e-record).


Homogenizing mixer MZUTL 15 CC offers an easy way to adjust the production process to a wide range of products:
  • infinitely variable adjustment of anchor stirrer rotations, equipped with directing blades and two-ways acting scrapers
  • infinitely variable adjustment of 4-row comb-shaped homogenizer rotations
  • lid with stirrer lifting system
  • stepless product and jacket temperature adjustment
– max / min temperature of product and jacket setting
– setting of temperature delta for product / jacket
– cooling / heating speed rate adjustment
– product / jacket temperature hysteresis
  • vessel pressure value control including autonomous vacuum pump with hysteresis function
  • optional path of valves for process components into vessel introduction
– sucking over homogenizer
– sucking into short by-pass under the product surface
– sucking under the product surface through the lid
– small amount of components dosing via nozzle on the vessel lid
  • login / access to control and administration, system parameters calibration together with process data recording in accordance with GMP directives GAMP Annex 11
  • monitoring of work parameters and diagnose of the system online via Ethernet
  • heated by-pass enabling to process wax based products