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The MZUTL 50 homogenizing mixer is dedicated to pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers who produce small series of preparations. The vessel capacity ranges from 20 to 50 liters rendering it especially useful in production of preparations made of expensive components or when frequent changes of raw materials are required (low postproduction loss and short product change machine preparation time).

The construction of the machine, which ensures main work parameters scaling (such as: basics of the vessel construction and homogenizer work together with the main agitator – identical range of linear velocity and power of the drive motors adjusted to the product – and work in by-pass circulation) allows transfer of the production procedure from laboratory to industrial scale according to scaling-up procedure.


The MZUTL 50 homogenizing mixer has the following features:
  • the vessel is made in accordance with the GMP requirements
  • surfaces in contact with product is polished to mirror finish (easy washing process of aroma and dye components)
  • the standard vessel is adjusted to work in negative pressure conditions
  • heating-cooling jacket
  • insulating jacket
  • equipment with electrical heating function and water cooling system function
  • in order to secure the optimal thermal exchange of the mixed products and a lack of mixing “dead zones”, the anchor type mixing agitator is equipped with Teflon scrapers for inner walls of the mixer
  • mixing agitator and wave breakers are equipped with directing mixing blades and together with infinitely variable regulation of the mixing agitator’s rotations secure intensive and efficient mixing of the product in vertical and horizontal directions
  • power of the drives is adjusted to the product type
  • the mixing agitator can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • high efficiency homogenizing agitator of the URLINSKI company with linear velocity up to 28 m/s secures intensive homogenization process in by-pass circulation
  • by-pass circulation system
  • as an option, heating installation with temperature control for by-pass system
  • CIP spray-balls with rotating spray-balls system together with the use of the homogenizing agitator as a pump for circulation of washing media guarantees washing of all zones which have contact with the product
  • many possibilities of introducing raw materials during the mixing and homogenizing process such as: introducing directly over the homogenizing agitator or into the stream of product in by-pass circulation, or feeding under the product surface
  • control from the operational panel with possibility of archiving the data of the process
  • validation documents for IQ/OQ in accordance with the FDA requirements for the machine designed for pharmaceutical products