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Homogenizing mixers of URLIŃSKI company with cover, screwed to the vessel, are used for manufacturing of pharmaceutical
and cosmetic products, which require intensive mixing and effective homogenization of liquid and paste-form high
viscosity substances, especially: ointments, creams, pastes, suspensions, gels etc.

As standard offer, we produce MZUTS homogenizing mixers of following capacities: 300, 450, 600, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 liters.

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The machines of this series of types have following features:
  • cylindric vessel, vertical, made of AISI 304 or AISI 316L steel
  • the vessel in accordance with GMP norms is adjusted in standard option for work under vacuum or over-pressure
  • the vessel is surrounded by a heating and cooling jacket for liquid or gas-form agents, with insulating jacket for securing of efficiency of thermal processes
  • high efficiency homogenizing agitator for work in by-pass circulation system is mounted in the center of the bottom of the mixer or optionally in linear system
  • homogenizing agitators of the URLIŃSKI company are made in five main dimensions according to the planned productivity,
  • with preservation of principles of scaling-up system
  • on the shaft of the homogenizers, a mechanical flow seal SIC/SIC is mounted (as option, with closed sealing liquid system under pressure)
  • anchor type mixing agitator and wave breakers are equipped with directing mixing blades
  • for securing of intensive mixing of the product in vertical and horizontal directions (no “dead zones” of mixing)
  • drive of the mixing agitator with powerful gear motors, together with infinitely variable regulation
  • of the mixing agitator’s rotations, allows to adjust parameters within wide range of viscosity of the mixed products
  • in order to secure the optimal thermal exchange of the mixed products, the mixing agitator
  • is equipped with Teflon product scrapers for inner walls of the mixer
  • in standard option, the mixer is equipped with CIP spray-balls in static performance
  • or optionally with rotating spray-balls; use of the homogenizing agitator as a pump
  • for circulation of washing media gives warranty of washing
  • of all zones which have contact with product
  • the technological stud pipes have conic shape for securing of easy
  • access during the CIP process
  • inspection manhole for possibility of periodical inspections
  • control from the operational panel with possibility of visualization
  • of the process and archiving its data
  • possibility of delivery together with validation
  • documents for IQ/OQ in accordance with
  • the FDA requirements