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Process-homogenizing line designed to manufacture cosmetic products on an industrial scale is equipped with two homogenizing mixers 1000 liters each and additionally with two fat phase vessels 500 liters and one water phase vessel 800 liters. Two separate control modules give possibility to run independent processes at the same time, and the comprehensive accessories offer technologists an easy way in manufacturing of different products such as tooth paste or thick emulsions.

Prepared in the auxiliary mixers and uniform phase is fed directly onto the first homogenizer hoarding (true in-line system), which additionally reduces the total time of production process by 20%, giving 100% guarantee the final product is homogenous.


Process line features:
  • common operator’s platform for all machines

  • two independent control modules with 10” touch panels including process data recording with possibility to save formula to memory card

  • elastic transfer connections between mixers enabling

  • mobile fat phase filters

  • real time pH measurement during process

  • precise dosing of technological water (0,2%)

  • pump system for transfer of final product to the place of destination

  • homogenizing mixers equipment:

– anchor stirrer with directing blades and two-ways acting scrapers and static wave breakers

– high efficient 4-row comb-shaped homogenizer in by-pass or internal recirculation

– infinitely variable adjustment of stirrer and homogenizer rotational speed

– pressure proof vessel

– two by-pass outlets for small batches or foaming products

– upgraded stirrer motor for very thick and high viscosity products

– channel heating-cooling jacket for liquid thermal agents

– heat exchanger in cooling system

– CIP cleaning system with two shower heads

– homogenizing and sealing in pressure, closed system with blocking fluid including pressure and liquid quality monitoring possibility

– introduction of the components directly over homogenizer

– sucking powders under the liquid surface

  • fat phase mixers equipment:

– frame stirrer with infinitely variable adjustment of rotational speed, securing good heat transfer of the component

– heating jacket for liquid thermal agents

  • water phase mixer equipment:

– propeller stirrer with infinitely variable adjustment of rotational speed, for watery components

– heating jacket for liquid thermal agents