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After many discussions with our clients we decided to solve a problem of R&D technologists regarding a small laboratory device.
A task was not easy but we have achieved success !
We have designed a mixer MZUTL 2 with max. work capacity 2 liters and min. about 0,6 liters.
So far you could buy such compact and professional mixer with 2 liters of capacity only in one of German companies. Now, company Urliński offers such laboratory device with much more advanced technological facilities in competitive price.
We are sure our new machine will be a solution to your problems.

We would like to introduce you to our new product: laboratory homogenizing mixer with work capacity of 2 liters. The construction of the machine which ensures main work parameters scaling, allows use to transfer the production procedure from laboratory to industrial scale according to scaling-up rules. Small amount of raw materials decreases costs of new recipes preparing, while possibility of equipping the mixer with additional equipment offers the technologists an easy way to introduce new products.

The whole device is placed on a mobile platform made of stainless steel. Infinitely variable adjustment of rotations, pneumatically lifted cover together with a stirrer, cooling and heating speed rate adjustment, vessel pressure value control including autonomous vacuum pump with a water ring mounted in the construction are indisputable advantages of this device. All functions are controlled on a 10” Touch Panel. To start the machine you only need 3 – 4 bars water supply, discharge to sewage system, 6 bars compressed air and electrical supply of 400V/50 Hz 25A.


Mixer features:

  • vessel is made in accordance with GMP requirements
  • both sides of the mixer are polished to mirror , Ra≥0,5µm
  • surfaces in contact with product are made of AISI 316L/316Ti steel
  • vessel is adjusted to work under vacuum and overpressure
  • heating jacket for liquid or gas-form utilities
  • in order to secure the optimal thermal exchange of the mixed products and “dead zones” elimination, the anchor type mixing agitator is equipped with PTFE scrapers for inner walls of the mixer
  • mixing agitator and wave breakers are equipped with baffles and together with infinitely variable regulation of the mixing agitator’s rotations, secure intensive and efficient mixing of the product in vertical and horizontal directions
  • precise readout of mixing product temperature
  • setting of temperature delta for product/jacket
  • cooling/heating speed rate adjustment
  • setting of product/jacket temperature hysteresis
  • high efficiency homogenizing agitator of the URLIŃSKI company with linear velocity up to 30 m/s secures intensive homogenization process in by-pass circulation
  • CIP system with rotating spray-balls
  • illuminated interior of the vessel together with the view hole enables preview of the process
  • numerous combinations of the technological nozzles makes feeding the components easier
  • sucking directly over homogenizer
  • sucking into short by-pass under the product surface
  • small amount of components dosing via nozzle on the vessel lid
  • bottom shut-off valve separating homogenizer enables to execute the process only with the anchor stirrer
  • readout of work parameters and control from the touch panel 10” with the option of data recording
  • preview of work parameters and system diagnosis on line through Ethernet