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Mobile mixer MW-P 200 F is made of acid resistant steel AISI 316L and designed for technological processes in pharmaceutical industry.

High speed, double propeller stirrer secures efficient and accurate averaging of liquid substances of normal viscosity.

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Mixer features:

  • mobile mixer, equipped with 4 wheels made of polyamide
  • material in contact with product: steel AISI 316L
  • surfaces polished to mirror finish
  • vacuum proof cone-shaped vessel with ellipsoid bottom
  • hinged lid with lifting and lowering supporting mechanism, consisting of four gas dampers
  • stirrer with two propellers on different levels
  • sanitary diaphragm valve in the bottom with Tri-clamp connection
  • probe for product pH measurement
  • hinged manhole equipped with sight-glass, wiper and illumination
  • two CIP shower heads
  • sterile aeration filter
  • diaphragm pump designed for product transfer or vessel cleaning in CIP cycle
  • touch operational panel for machine functions cotrolling and readout, including process data recording with possibility to save formula to memory card