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Mixer type MP 12P is used for intensive, thorough mixing and homogenizing of friable masses, consisting of many components.

The ellipsoid bottom of predefined radius with high-speed knife/hammer mixing agitator, mounted in the center of the bottom and equipped with infinitely variable regulation of the rotational speed, together with the cover, having shape of a cone, directed with its vertex inside the vessel, ensures effective averaging of the components into the homogeneous mass.

The machine has shown its efficiency especially by production of cosmetic powders, eye-shadows and rouges, thanks to the central injection option of the binder during the mixing process without necessity of opening the cover.


Technical data:
  • fixed construction with shields of acid resistant steel
  • vessel material acid resistant steel AISI 304 ( option AISI 316L )
  • vessel capacity ca. 60 liters
  • batch volume 12 kg
  • the vessel is equipped with a cooling jacket
  • surface of the vessel is polished from both sides to mirror finish
  • the bottom of ellipsoid shape with pre-defined radius
    high speed knife/hammer mixing device is placed in the center of the bottom
  • as an option, infinitely variable regulation of the rotational speed with frequency inverter is possible, with value indication on LCD; the mixing agitator shaft is sealed with mechanical flow seal SIC-SIC with prevention of “dry work” of the drive assembly
    sealing agent: water flow or system with sealing liquid under pressure
  • mixing agitator drive power 11 kW
    the cover in shape of a cone with vertex directed inside, with silicone gasket, opened on a hinge with screw closing
    the drive motor is automatically switched off by opening the cover
  • the vessel is tilted on 110 degrees by means of the electric motor
  • in the center of the cover is placed a stud pipe with a nozzle for injection of binder
  • in the back side of the construction is mounted a funnel with capacity of ca. 3 liters together with membrane pump for binder injection to the vessel during the mixing process
    mechanical filter for evacuation of the air from the vessel for
  • prevention of appearance of the over-pressure inside the vessel
  • programming unit for assignment of mixing modes, pre-defined by the customer, as well as one mode for manual control
  • of rotational speed, time of work of the mixing device and binder injection