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The MS mixers are designed for liquid pharmaceutical and cosmetic products manufacturing.

This series of types includes mixers of the following capacities: 100, 200, 300, 450, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 liters.

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The MS mixers have the following features:
    • the vessel is made of AISI 304 steel, or 316L/316Ti steel as an option if surface has contact with the product
    • standard vacuum-tight vessel is adjusted to work in over-pressure conditions as an option
    • mixing agitator with its mixing elements covers the whole work area securing a lack of mixing “dead zones”
    • infinitely variable regulation of the mixing agitator’s rotations allows adjustment of rotations to the viscosity of the product
    • product scrapers which cover the whole work area are made of highly chemically resistant Teflon
    • emulsifying system applicable to two level by-pass circulation system decreases the mixing time
    • infinitely variable regulation of the emulsifying system rotations allows adjustment of circulation efficiency to the viscosity of the product
    • power of the emulsifying system drive and the circulation system diameter are adjusted to the target product and process
    • wide range of instrumentation allows the collection of samples during process, feeding the powder under the product surface, automatic feeding pre-defined amounts of liquid components through stub pipes on the cover or directly into the circulation, etc.
    • CIP spray-balls system (with rotating spray-balls as an option) together with the emulsifying system secure fast and independent washing process of the vessel
    • as an option, adjustment of control system and the drive for working in EEx zone in accordance with ATEX requirements
    • heating jacket with insulating jacket for liquid or gas-form agents
    • heating-cooling cycle control
    • control from the operational panel with possibility of recording or printing the process data and on-line parameters
    • validation documents for IQ/OQ in accordance with the FDA requirements for the machine designed for pharmaceutical products