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Consisting of two machines – homogenizing mixer type MZUTL 500 CF and auxiliary mixer for fat phase type MZUT-EMB 300 SSCF – process-homogenizing line is a high quality set designed for manufacturing of ointments, emulsions and pharmaceutical gels. Combination of homogenizing mixer with auxiliary mixer for fat phase, equipped with emulsifying agitator, increases efficiency during high viscosity products processing.

Application of emulsifying agitator significantly speeds up a fat or water phase preparation, reducing time even by 40%. Prepared and uniform phase is fed directly onto the first homogenizer hoarding (true in-line system), which additionally reduces the total time of production process by 20%, giving 100% guarantee the whole product is homogenous

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Process line features:
  • operator’s platform, providing an easy access to the control elements as well as safe and comfortable work
  • one, common energetic module supplying both devices
  • equipped with in-line fat phase filter transfer from auxiliary to homogenizing mixer
  • easy access to all technological parts of the process line
  • homogenizing and emulsifying agitator sealing in pressure, closed system with blocking fluid including liquid quality and pressure value monitoring possibility
  • possibility of using water-cooled drives to work in a cleanroom under laminar air flow
  • control over technological parameters from one, common touch panel 7” with process data recording
  • process valves equipped with pneumatic actuators with possibility of path of valves defining from operator panel and display of chosen path of valves – process or CIP cleaning
  • calibration of process parameters readout
  • login / four level access to control with calibration and work parameters archiving
  • homogenizing mixer MZUTL 500 CF features:
– anchor stirrer with directing blades (baffles), two-ways acting scrapers and static wave breakers
– hydraulic cover lifting system
– high efficient 4-row comb-shaped homogenizer in by-pass or internal recirculation
– stepless stirrer and homogenizer rotations regulation
– vessel designed to work under vacuum, enabling components sucking
– heating / cooling jacket for liquid or gas utilities
– cooling speed rate adjustment
– feeding the components directly over homogenizer
– CIP cleaning system equipped with two rotational shower heads
  • auxiliary phase mixer MZUT-EMB 300 SSCF features:
– emulsifying agitator for hard lumps grinding, reducing water or fat phase preparation time
– pressure proof heating jacket
– CIP cleaning system with use of emulsifying agitator