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URLIŃSKI company designs and constructs tanks of acid resistant steel up to
24 000 liters capacity in accordance with GMP standards, used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Design of ZB tanks with acute angle bottom and mirror-polished surface is destined first of all for storage and transportation of high viscosity products like ointments, gels, creams and similar. The tanks can be performed in mobile version with capacity from 20 to 1500 liters – with rotating wheels or may be adjusted for transport with charging truck.


Technical data:
  • material of tanks: acid resistant steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L
  • all welding seams are smoothly grinded up to sheet surface
  • the surface is smoothly grinded or mechanically polished to mirror finish (optionally Ra–‹ 0,2 µm)
  • the tanks may be designed for work by normal pressure, vacuum-tight or pressure-tight
  • shape of the tanks – vertical cylinder, positioned on four legs
  • in mobile version, the legs are ended with rotating wheels, two of them with
  • brakes, and are adjusted for transport with charging truck
  • optionally, the tanks are equipped with insulating and heating jacket with regulation of the temperature
  • conic-shape bottom with angle, adjusted to viscosity of the product
  • in the center of the bottom there is discharge pipe with flap or sanitary valve
  • the distance between the lower end of the discharge pipe
  • and the floor is adjusted for direct attachment of the FIP pump system, produced by URLIŃSKI company
  • the cover is light and easy to open on a hinge and has
  • a screw closing and a sealing gasket, which is easy to wash
    alternatively, the cover can be made in ellipsoid shape, equipped with inspection
  • manhole and CIP spray-ball ( static or rotating ) with attachment
  • to the external CIP washing system
  • optionally, on the cover a sterile air filter can be mounted


Tanks with autonomous pump system type FIP a positive-displacement self-sucking pump (FDA-certified)
with infinitely variable regulation of the rotational speed, for pumping of products of different viscosity, also very foaming