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We have the pleasure to introduce you to our new product. As one of the first producer of process machinery in Europe we present laboratory homogenizing mixer with useful capacity of 5 liters, which construction and principle of operation is identical to whole series of types of our homogenizing mixers, and thus allows transfer of the production recipe from laboratory to industrial scale according to scaling-up procedure. Small amount of raw materials lowers new formula elaboration and preparation cost, while possibility to equip the mixer with additional equipment offers the technologists an easy way to introduce new products.

The entirety is placed on mobile compact construction made of acid resistant steel enabling to move the machine easily. Infinitely variable regulation of the mixing and homogenizing agitators’ rotations, pneumatic cover lifting system, which raises the cover together with the mixing agitator over the vessel, temperature control system with electrical heaters and forced circulation as well as cooling system by means of cooling water flow, vessel vacuum value control with use of compact water ring vacuum pump built in the machine construction are few of many advantages of this device.

The readout and adjusting of the work parameters on the 3,7” touch-screen as a standard. In order to put the machine into operation the following media are required: 3-4 bar water supply, lead to the sewage system, 6 bar compressed air supply and power supply of 400V / 50Hz 25A.


MZUTL 5 technical parameters:
  • the vessel in accordance with the GMP requirements
  • external and inner surfaces are polished to the mirror finish, Ra≤0,5 µm
  • parts in contact with product are made of AISI 304 or 316L / 316Ti steel
  • the vessel is adjusted to work under vacuum and in overpressure conditions
  • heating jacket for liquid or gas-form agents
  • in order to secure the optimal thermal exchange of the mixed products and a lack of mixing “dead zones”, the anchor type mixing agitator is equipped with scrapers (PTFE) for inner walls of the mixer
  • mixing agitator and wave breakers are equipped with directing mixing blades and together with infinitely variable regulation of the mixing agitator’s rotations secure intensive and efficient mixing of the product in vertical and horizontal directions
  • accurate product temperature value measurement thanks to Pt 100 temperature sensor placed in the wave breaker
  • high efficiency homogenizing agitator of the URLINSKI company with linear velocity up to 28 m/s secures intensive homogenization process in by-pass circulation
  • CIP cleaning system with the spray-balls shortens the washing process time
  • illumination of the vessel inside and sight-glass with wiper allow the process view
  • numerous combinations of the technological attachments gives technologists various possibilities of introducing the components
  • standard display of the work parameters with possibility of controlling from the 3,7” touch-screen operational panel and optionally recording the process data